Resources and Facilities

ACCIT is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and is within 5 minutes walking distance from Town Hall station. ACCIT has a computer labs which are equipped with the latest hardware and software. All ACCIT students will have access to the computer and internet enabling them to do their research and studies. The classrooms are equipped with white board and data projectors. ACCIT also has a student common area which has a wending machine and can be used as a recreational area for the students to take a break and relax.


Situated on the east coast of Australia, Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities. The college enjoys a central location in Sydney.

ACCIT is housed in the very safe and attractive city of Sydney, Australia. Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities. The college enjoys a central location in Sydney. The following are just some of the many excellent resources and facilities available at ACCIT:

Study Resources
ACCIT has relevent resources available through online or in the form of physical textbooks to support student learning.  Group study and individual study areas are available to allow students to collaborate on joint projects and assignments. Other student facilities include access to the public librarires in Sydney city which is within walkin distance from ACCIT.  Computer labs are also available for students to access.  All the computers have Internet access and are connected to network printers. The campus also has wireless access for students to access the internet.

Human resources
Skilled and knowledgeable administrative staff provides a very efficient responsive service to the students. ACCIT faculty staff are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals, committed to providing personal attention to each student in small classes.

Classrooms are air-conditioned, bright, and are fully equipped with white boards (interactive also), OHPs, data projectors, and Internet connections.

Student common room
The student common room provides facilities for self-study and group study, an eating area, and a general chill-out space. Kitchen is equipped with microwave and fridge. Kitchen is fitted with hot water system for students make coffee or tea during the break time.

Information hub and service
The information area at ACCIT is managed and updated by administrative staff and provides a constant stream of academic and general welfare info, as well as social and event info regarding the college and Sydney itself.


Student services


Accommodation service
This service is mainly utilised by our international students. We can provide home stay accommodation with an Australian family that suits your needs and special requests. We can also arrange for you to avail of hostel, shared room, and student residence accommodation. Please contact for more information.

Airport transfer
The warm ACCIT staff welcome can begin at Sydney airport, for our international students! We provide(at a cost) airport transfer to and from Sydney’s main international airport.

Counselling service
Although college is usually quite a positive experience, it is fraught with problems, pressures and stress. ACCIT offers a confidential environment where students can explore personal issues they may encounter such as relationships, family worries, homesickness, or academic stress. The counselling service is provided by a professionally registered counselling psychologist working as a consultant to the college.

Health service
Students experiencing illness or health-related difficulties can avail of our health service. ACCIT provides a 24-hour emergency contact service to assist in any emergency. Medical insurance for all international students studying at the college can be arranged by ACCIT prior to arrival.

Student support services & Career guidance programmes
Our student services department offers a range of workshops and seminars throughout the academic year for students relating to such relevant subjects as stress management, effective study skills, communication skills, life skills, and exam techniques. ACCIT is committed to providing a learner-centred, free guidance and information service to our students if they wish to progress further in their academic careers. The service we offer is confidential, impartial, flexible and courteous