Training in vocational education and technical/ business knowledge-based courses helps you become expert in all sorts of organizational needs related to finance, marketing, delivery technique, staffing, quality assessment in different departments of an organization. The educational procedure at ACCIT is controlled by the central body of Federal State and Territory Government in Australia.

Established in 2008 with a mission to turn educated people into employable to lower down the plight of unemployment in different nations, the ACCIT management roped in a group of very efficient and knowledgeable faculty members. Through proper skill development in technical and business management fields, candidates here become able and efficient in carrying out all responsibilities that are expected to be completed responsibly by them. Our target is to reduce the gap between employability and employment. Among manifold benefits of our trainings, one surely happens to be that commercial organizations from different industries get a chance to recruit the most efficient work-force. On the other hand, too many career options open up to the candidates after they complete training.

All the Commerce and Technology related courses offered in this college are designed to perfection for offering an extremely fulfilling learning experience to all our overseas students. The support staff and team of faculty members work tirelessly in the direction of making learning easier for students. They are approachable and ready to help when a student is in tricky situation. After training here, candidates become more adaptable to any work atmosphere.