Student Services

1. Student Handbook

2. Arrival

Upon a request of airport pick up service, students are met at the Sydney International airport and transported to their accommodation venue by a College representative. The airport pick up fee is A$200.

3. Accommodation

The following types of accommodation are available for International students: – 1. Full Board (Homestay) A$200.00 – A$220.00 per week. 2. Student house A$80.00 – A$120.00 per week. 3. Half – Board A$ 70.00 – A$ 100.00 per week (plus expenses). 4. Leasing a House/Flat A$250.00 – A$350.00 per week (unfurnished) This accommodation can be booked prior to arrival. Two weeks advance notice is required before you depart for Australia. Further details can be obtained from the International Student Service Officer.

4. Orientation

Student Orientation is conducted one week before the commencement date. Its purpose is to fully inform new students of most aspects of life at Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology and provide an introduction to studying, Sydney’s costs of living, transportation, facilities and accommodation. In addition, Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology staff will be introduced, a tour of Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology and the local area will take place and an opportunity to ask questions will be given.


5. Student Support, Welfare and Guidance

As an ACCIT student, you are expected to seek the advice of the teachers or program coordinators whose classes you attend. You may also approach the Student service officer for advice or referral on issues ranging from academic to emotional and cultural issues. When consulting with staff, you should bring all relevant program/unit information. Referrals may also be made to other service providers in areas such as health, housing or counseling. You will be introduced to your Student Contact Officer upon induction and consult the Student Handbook.

6. Student Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Policy

The PEO/DoS/Student Service Officer is responsible for implementation of this procedure and ensuring that staff and students be made aware of its application. Please refer to student handbook page 9 To download Students complaints and appeals form Click Here

7. Activities

ACCIT will organise activities to encourage student to learn about the surrounding and to learn about the Australian habitat. ACCIT has organised trips to Featherdale wild life park and would continue doing so. See Australia’s unique wildlife in a natural bush setting. At Featherdale, they have gone out of our way to create a unique wildlife experience within the Sydney metropolitan area. You can hand feed a kangaroo, wallaby or emu – or enjoy a face-to-face encounter with one of their friendly koalas – amongst one of Australia’s largest private collections of Australian native animals and birds. Please speak to the student service officer in regards to the cost for these excursion. We also organise other activities to help the students to learn about the surrounding and to make friends.

8. Relevant legislation

A range of legislation is applicable to all international students. Information on relevant legislation can be found at the following websites.





It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure the requirements of relevant legislation are met at all times. Use the web sites indicated, or contact the Principal Executive Officer if you require   further information.
Please refer to the website for ACCIT policies and procedure. All students will receive a copy of the student handbook at the time of enrolment. This student handbook can be accessed from the website which is an important guide for students.

9. Change of Address

Upon arriving in Australia, you are required to advise Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology of your residential address and telephone number and of any subsequent changes to your residential address. This is extremely important. Under Section 20 of the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology is obliged to serve a notice at your last known address if you breach a student visa condition relating to attendance: or academic performance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you always update your address details at Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology to ensure you receive important information about your course, fees and possible breaches of your student visa. Additional information on student visa issues is available on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Internet site on For more information go to