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Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology is a Registered Training Organisation and meets administrative, delivery, staffing, facility, marketing, financial, quality assurance and assessment standards agreed to by national regulator ASQA. The National regulatory authority monitors and subjects us to regular external audit to verify adherence to these standards.

ACCIT is able to provide enough job assistance and support to the overseas students building-up their career in Australia.

ACCIT is strategically located in the heart of Sydney. The city train station (Town Hall) is just a short walk away. It offers you ample opportunity to wind down near the famous thriving Sydney Harbour Bridge. The campus is surrounded by bustling restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, pubs, banks, departmental stores, specialty stores, cinemas, nightclubs and parks. It’s a short walk from the campus to Victoria Building, Sydney Town Hall, China Town, Sydney Aquarium, The Star Casino, or hop on a train for a 5-minute ride to the Harbor Bridge, Opera House, the Botanical Gardens, or Centre Point Tower.

Thirty years of cumulative experience of the directors in the education industry helps them provide quality education in the field of Commerce and Information Technology to the students across the globe.

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